Escape the city noise with us at Hjälmaresunds Camping

Here you can relax in a scenic environment by Hjälmaren's water. The dog may come along, but must of course be on a leash. 

Here there is access to 2 swimming areas and fishing from shore. 

Fresh service buildings and ALWAYS free showers when you stay with us.

At the reception you can buy an ice cream and a coffee etc 

You are welcome to ask us all your questions. 

There is an Ica store in Alberga, Stora Sundby, 5 kilometers from here. You can stock up there. Next to Ica there is also a pizzeria.

We offer accommodation on nice camping plots with Hjälmaren as a neighbor on both sides of the campsite.



Camping map


Sustainability is a core value at Hjälmaresund Camping.

We act responsibly and with a long-term vision. Sustainability is an important factor that pervades our decisions and our operations. We focus on three important aspects: social, economic and environmental sustainability. Our goal is that not only we, but also our guests, should minimize their impact on the environment.

Sustainability at Hjälmaresund Camping
  • Environmental aspect: We strive for our operations not to have a negative impact on the environment. We protect ecosystem services such as clean air, clean water, natural UV filtering.
  • Social aspect: We care about the well-being of our employees and strive for a fair, equal and equal workplace. In addition, we support human rights and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to share in the earth's resources.
  • Economic aspect: We conduct our business long-term and act with a housekeeping perspective. We do not focus solely on short-term profits, but make sure not to use up the capital but instead take the return. We work towards reducing poverty and staying within ecological limits.
How we practically work with sustainability:
  • Source sorting at the plant.
  • Recycling of garbage.
  • Use of locally produced raw materials and products.
  • Employment and training of young talent.
  • Contributions to various organizations and foundations.
  • Electricity consumption charges at campsites to promote energy conservation.
  • Digital invoicing via e-mail.
  • Clear personnel structure to create security.
  • Energy-saving measures such as turning off heating in unused premises.
  • Active involvement in society for a better future.
  • Online booking to reduce workload.
  • Conscious choice of environmentally friendly disposable products.
  • Preservation of surrounding nature.
  • Abolition of plastic products.
  • Investment in the spring and autumn season to distribute the load on the facility and enable more employment.

We at Hjälmaresunds Camping are proud of our commitment to a sustainable future and look forward to welcoming you to be part of this journey with us.

We at the reception are there for you during your stay with us. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We want you to feel satisfied!

With us you can also get tips on activities and attractions in Eskilstuna and the surrounding area. 

The store will be built up gradually with a simpler assortment.


Camping card
Nowadays, you don't need a camping card to stay at SCR-affiliated campsites, but having one offers many advantages.
You get, for example, accommodation discounts at roughly 2,500 campsites in Europe and a variety of discounts and offers. In addition, insurance is included in the card.
Read more or Order here.

Caravans: 15.00
Campsite: 3 p.m

Check out
Caravans: 11:00
Campsite: 11:00
For guests who check out after the current check-out times, a new daily fee is charged.

Caravans and cabins must be cleaned thoroughly and checked by staff before departure.
If this has not happened, we will invoice you for cleaning. Do you want to buy final cleaning from us?
it is booked at reception no later than 24 hours before departure. Even the camping sites must
left clean on departure.

Welfare and order rules
We apply SCR's rules of order, these are posted at reception.
It is the responsibility of each guest to take part in these and to follow them. Violation of rules of order means that the guest can be rejected from the place.

Vehicular traffic
We avoid all traffic between 23:00 and 06:00.
Keep in mind that many children stay in the area. Drive at crawling speed!

Only one car per rented object is allowed. Other cars and day visitors are referred to
guest parking outside the gates.

Always park with the caravan drawbar or the front of the motorhome facing outwards. In other words, the back of your home must face the electricity pole.
Be careful when grilling and never place disposable grills directly on the ground. Take part in our
brochure on fire safety available at reception.

See also ours booking conditions.